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One-Shot Ejection Mechanism For Injection Molding

    Regarding injection mold molding, some professionals have analyzed that in the production of modern plastic parts, reasonable injection molding technology, advanced injection molding molds and high-precision, high-efficiency injection molding equipment are three essential in modern plastic molding processing. Without one factor, nothing will be accomplished. In particular, the injection molding mold plays an important role in fulfilling the requirements of plastic processing technology, the use requirements of plastic parts and the shape design. Efficient and fully automatic equipment is only possible to exert its effectiveness if it is equipped with molds that can be automatically produced. The production and renewal of products are based on mold manufacturing and innovation.

    Generally, the injection mold adopts a one-shot ejection mechanism. This mechanism only needs one ejection action to demould the product. In this process, the role of each part is not the same.

    First of all, the guide post and guide sleeve make the ejection process without jamming, which can make the ejection action more stable and reliable. The reset lever is used to restore the ejection mechanism to its original position after the ejection is completed. The pull rod is the coagulation that hooks the gating system when the injection mold is opened so that the coagulation falls off from the main channel. The stopper pin is to leave a gap between the ejector plate and the bottom plate to clear the dirt, and at the same time, the position of the ejector rod and the ejection distance can be controlled by adjusting the thickness of the stopper pin. The ejector rod acts directly on the product and can remove the product from the injection mold. With this system, plastic products can be truly consumer-oriented.

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