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About The Function Of Each Part Of The Inclined Ejector

     In injection molds, there are generally four types of ejection mechanisms; generally, they are composed ejector rods, ejector plates, ejector fixed plates, guideposts and guide bush, reset rods, pull rods, and stop pins.

    There are generally two types of fixed structures: straight ejection and inclined ejection. The function of each part of the inclined ejector is also different.

    Sloping head: Its main function is to form, and the bottom of the inverted buckle is usually made straight, which is convenient for processing and mold matching. The other three sides will be inclined to facilitate the sealing. The inclined top surface is generally lower than the glue level surface, which can be reduced by 0.05~0.1mm, preventing the phenomenon of shoveling glue when the inclined top surface is ejected.

    Inclined ejector rod: It is mainly used as the connection between the slanted ejector seat and the slanted ejector head. When tilting occurs, it needs to bear the ejection force.

    Guide block: In the process of plastic injection mold processing, the moving template is air-avoided (reducing friction) in order to reduce the distortion and deformation, and the guide block is added to facilitate positioning and precision adjustment.

    Guide bushes: There are two guide bushes as lubrication guides in the combined lifter. The lifter rod will wear after a long period of movement. Increasing the guide bushes will reduce the wear and tear of the lifter rod. It is also more convenient for maintenance and replacement when there is a problem with accuracy.

    Inclined top seat: The guiding methods of the integral inclined top seat are generally "T"-shaped guide and pin-top guide. We mostly use the pin-type guide, which is easy to process and easy to install. The price of the "T"-the shaped guide is slightly higher, and it needs to be equipped with a T-shaped base separately, and the processing and coordination are also more complicated than that of the pin.

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