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Reasons For The Selection Of Raw Materials For Injection Molding

    Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for giving plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. The final plastic product is obtained by injection molding plastic raw materials and injection molds in an injection molding machine.

    Generally, the plastic raw materials commonly used in plastic mold factories are ABS, PP, PVC, and PC. These materials are favored by most manufacturers because they have some prominent commonalities.

    The first point is that these materials are easy to process. The injection mold parts are mostly made of metal materials, and some of the structural shapes are very complex. In order to shorten the production cycle and improve efficiency, the mold materials are required to be easy to process into the shape and precision required by the drawings.

    The second point is that they have high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance, and will not drop rapidly at low temperatures; they have good notch sensitivity, good creep resistance, and will not drop rapidly when the temperature rises; they have a certain surface hardness, Anti-scratch; good wear resistance, low friction coefficient.

    The third point is that the gloss and precision of the surface of the plastic parts are directly related to the wear resistance of the surface of the mold cavity, especially when glass fibers, inorganic fillers, and certain pigments are added to some plastics. Together with the plastic melt, they flow at a high speed in the runner and the mold cavity and have great friction on the surface of the cavity.

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