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Influencing Factors Of Mold Opening In Plastic Injection Molding

    The mold used in plastic injection molding is called injection molding mold, or injection plastic mold for short. Injection molds can form plastic products with complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy, or with inserts at one time.

    For injection molding, the mold and the injection molding machine have a great influence on the quality of the molded product, and it can even be said that the mold plays a greater role than the injection molding machine; if you do not fully understand the mold during injection molding, it is difficult to obtain Excellent molding.

    In order to get a good product, the time of opening the mold is more important. The first factor that affects the opening of the mold in the injection molding process is the speed and moving distance of the mold. The distance the mold moves during the process of opening and ejecting the part should be reduced to avoid wasting moving time. Of course, the mold movement must be enough to allow the part to be released from the mold smoothly before the mold is closed again. Therefore, the shorter the travel distance required to release the part, the less time it takes. The injection molding machine is in good condition, and the transition from high-speed opening to low-speed ejection is fairly smooth. The equipment requires some maintenance to accomplish these speed changes, but these costs can be multiplied by the reduction in molding time and the time savings. To minimize mold travel time, adjust the deceleration limit switch so that the mold does not touch or damage the part too much during pre-extrusion, and optimize the high-speed portion of the stroke. Furthermore, proper periodic maintenance ensures that this deceleration can be repeated every time. The time to generate clamping pressure is another delay in the overall mold open time, this time may be affected by mechanical wear and hydraulic valve failure, so periodic mechanical maintenance can maintain good operating conditions.

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