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About The Reinforcement Method Of Mold Parts

    What are the fixing methods of the mold parts when the mold is assembled? Usually, there are physical fixing methods and chemical methods known in the industry. The following are the commonly used mechanical fixing methods.

    The mechanical fixing method is a method of applying mechanical force to a part to fix it, mainly including the following:

Fastener fix

    A fastener is a part that can fasten mechanical parts, such as screws, bolts, pins, etc. This method is fixed, easy to disassemble, simple and convenient, and is the most commonly used fixing method. Such as the fixing of punches, cores and cavities, this method is often used.


    For parts with an interference fit, a press-fit can be used. Generally, it is carried out on a press. When pressing, pay attention to the amount of interference, surface roughness, lead-in fillet, and lead-in slope. The feature of press-in fixing is that the connection is firm and reliable, but the matching accuracy of the press-in type hole is relatively high.


   This is a method of using rivets to fix the parts; or local tapping at the hole of the fixing plate, so that the local material of the fixing plate is squeezed to the center and the shaft is fixed. This method is simple to operate, but the torque cannot be too large.

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