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Slide Lock-GBLS Type



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Functions & Instructions:

1.Excellent for 3- pcs mold plates for its precision injection(for example:needle-point injection). It will cut off the excessive materials and leave the mold at the time of finishing.(especially good for double-color injection)

2.Slide Lock was made by precision casting methods. Hanger was made by heat-treated and grinded alloy steel that provides very strong hanging power. Using heat- resistant springs on the both sides that make the lock slide can endure over 100,000 times of usage.

3.When assemble the Slide lock, line up both sides evenly, then using 5mm reamer to ream.

4.2 different sizes with 4 different mold clamping force:
GBLS-100 with mold clamping force up to 100kg
GBLS-200 with mold clamping force up to 200kg
GBLS-300 with mold clamping force up to 300kg
GBLS-600 with mold clamping force up to 600kg
Can be used for more than 2 sets of slide Locks when install into larger molding machines.

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JH065 80

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