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What Role Does The Nitrogen Gas Spring Play In The Mold

    The nitrogen gas spring is different from the plastic compression spring. It is a component with an elastic function. It seals the high-pressure nitrogen gas in the cylinder. The external force compresses the nitrogen gas through the plunger rod or the piston. When the external force is removed, the high-pressure nitrogen gas expands to obtain it. A certain elastic pressure, this component is called a nitrogen gas spring, which can also be called a nitrogen cylinder or a nitrogen cylinder elastic pressure device.

    The conventional elastic elements used in the current stamping process are springs, rubbers, and air cushions. With science and technology

    With the continuous development of technology, the mold is developing rapidly in the direction of precision, high efficiency, and long life. The original conventional elastic components can no longer meet the requirements of various stamping processes. Therefore, the stamping technology hopes to develop a new type of elastic functional component to replace the conventional elastic element, so that this new type of elastic element has more perfect performance and completes the work that the conventional elastic element is difficult to complete.

    As a new elastic functional component, nitrogen gas spring can make up for the above shortcomings, simplify mold design,

    Manufacturing, easy mold adjustment. It can be used as an independent component installed in the mold, or it can be designed as a gas spring system to become a part of the mold to participate in the work. This system can easily realize constant elastic force and delayed action and is a flexible component.

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