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Some Operations of Injection Mold Assembly

    Injection mold assembly is an important post-process in the injection mold manufacturing process. The quality of the mold is closely related to mold assembly. The mold parts are processed through milling, drilling, grinding, CNC, EDM, turning, and other processes. After passing the inspection, the assembly process is concentrated. . The quality of the assembly directly affects the quality of the mold and is one of the determinants of the quality of the mold.

    Let's take a look at the operations in question.

    When assembling the gate washer fastening screw, adjust the matching position of the gate washer and the screw hole of the fixed die base plate, screw in the screw, and tighten the screw in a symmetrical manner.

    Assemble the pipe joints, install the pipe joints on the cooling water hole ends on both sides of the fixed template, and pay attention to the sealing of the installation place.

    When assembling the movable mold assembly, select the component assembly reference part, and select the core fixing plate as the assembly reference part of the fixed mold assembly according to the assembly drawing of the small bowl injection mold.

    Assemble the guide post, use equal-height spacers to cushion the core fixing plate, and use a press to press the guide post into the guide post hole. When pressing the guide post, make sure that the center of the guide post is perpendicular to the surface of the core fixing plate.

    Assemble the large core, install the large core into the core hole on the core fixing plate, and ensure that the mold surface fits accurately. After the assembly is completed, it is necessary to check whether the mating surface of the core fixing plate is flush. If it is not flush, it needs to be ground with a surface grinder.

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