Injection plastic mold consists of the following parts.

  Composition details and functions:

  Upper fixing plate: It is an indispensable part for the mold opening and closing of the machine table to fix the mold and the front mold part of the mold. Stripping plate: fixed pull nozzle plate. Magnet: The opening and closing of the mold is controlled by magnetism. Fang Tie: Cooperate with a magnet to control mold opening and closing. Male template: fixed male mold core and mold core bearing plate. Template bearing plate: Fix the male template and install the heating rod at the same time. Guide pin: fixed material belt.

  Limit post: limit the ejection height of the guide pin. Die angle: fixed function, while giving the thimble board enough height movement stroke. Upper thimble board: fix the thimble. Lower thimble plate: Fix the upper thimble plate.

  Lower fixed plate: Fix the mold feet and trash nails, and at the same time provide a foundation for the lower mold and fix the mold for opening and closing the mold on the machine table. Garbage nails: limit the height, so that the lower thimble plate and the lower fixed plate cooperate smoothly, prevent debris from entering between the two plates, and make the thimble and guide pins eject unevenly.

  Top stick column (K.O column): used for ejecting the thimble and guide pin of the machine. Small thimble plate: fixed guide pin. Small thimble plate: fixed guide pin. Thimble: eject the material belt to separate the material belt from the mold. Outer tie rod: used to open the cavities and limit the mold opening distance of the cavities. Heating rod: heat up the mold. Mold core bearing plate: fixed back mold core and back mold inserts. Male mold core: fixed insert pin insert sleeve, mainly used for product molding. Runner: part of injection molding. Female mold core: fixed front mold insert, mainly used for product molding. Master template: fixed master core. Small tie rod: fix the mold opening stroke of the upper fixed plate and the stripper plate. Die core backing plate: Fix the core of the mother die and press and insert the heating rod at the same time. Pulling fixing plate: Fix the pulling needle to prevent the mold from pushing the pulling needle out during the injection molding process. Nozzle: The main entrance for injection molding of the nozzle of the machine. Pulling plate: Pull up the pulling needle. Pull material nozzle plate: fix the material pulling needle. Front mold insert: fixed runner plate and female mold core.

  Back mold inserting needle inserting sleeve: mainly used for product cup forming.

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