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The Basis For The Selection Of Spring Material

     Spring is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. Generally made of spring steel. It is widely used in machines and instruments to control the movement of parts, ease impact or vibration, store energy, measure force, etc.

    The types of springs are complex and diverse. According to the shape, there are mainly coil springs, scroll springs, leaf springs, etc. The shapes of the compression springs mainly include cylindrical, conical, convex, and concave shapes, as well as a large number of other shapes.

    The selection of spring materials should be determined according to the nature of the spring's load, stress state, stress size, working temperature, environmental medium, service life, requirements for electrical conductivity, process performance, material source, and price. Different models of spring material will also vary. For large and medium-sized springs, cold-drawn or cold-drawn polished steel should be used for those with high load accuracy and stress. For springs with lower load accuracy and stress, hot rolled steel can be used.

    Secondly, the material section of the compression spring should preferably be a circular section. Square and rectangular section materials have the strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, and miniaturization of springs, but fewer material sources. And the price is high, except for special needs, generally try not to use this material. In recent years, the development of rolling flat steel wire instead of trapezoidal steel wire has achieved good results.


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