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Parts Of The Injection Mold

    An injection mold is a production tool that can repeatedly mass-produce plastic parts or products. This type of mold is formed by molding parts to form one or more cavities after assembly. Or form the shape of the product we need. The injection mold has the most complex structure and design among all plastic molds. A mold with the highest manufacturing and processing accuracy and the most common application. When the injection mold is working, it must be installed on the plastic injection machine. The injection machine realizes the opening and closing of the movable mold and the fixed mold, and molds the required products in the following order: mold closing, injection melt into the cavity, pressure maintenance and cooling, Open the mold, push out the product, and then close the mold.

    Mold parts refer to various parts that constitute the mold structure, including various parts for guiding, demolding, core pulling, and parting. Such as front and rear splints, front and rear buckle templates, bearing plates, bearing columns, guide columns, stripping plates, stripping rods and return rods, etc. This can be specifically summarized into three parts.

    Guide parts

    In order to ensure that the movable mold and the fixed mold can be accurately aligned when the mold is closed, guide parts must be provided in the mold. In the injection mold, four sets of guide posts and guide sleeves are usually used to form the guide parts, and sometimes it is necessary to set the inner and outer cone surfaces that match each other on the movable mold and the fixed mold to assist positioning.

    Launch agency

    During the mold opening process, a push-out mechanism is required to push or pull out the plastic product and its aggregate in the runner. A fixed plate and a push plate are drawn out to hold the push rod. A reset rod is generally fixed in the push rod, and the reset rod resets the push plate when the movable and fixed molds are closed.

    Side core pulling mechanism

    Some plastic products with side concave or side holes must be laterally parted before being pushed out, and the lateral core can be pulled out before they can be demoted smoothly. At this time, a side core pulling mechanism needs to be installed in the mold.


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