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Mold Inserts Are Convenient And Efficient

    Mold inserts are also called mold inserts, which specifically refer to the mold accessories used to be embedded in the mold core in the mold. The inserts can be square, round, and sheet-shaped, and like all mold accessories, the requirements for precision are very high. Generally, there is no finished product, and it is customized according to the needs of the mold. Common products include mold date inserts, etc.

   The use of inserts can save mold material. When the mold is set, it is determined to be a piece of steel with a relatively regular shape, but the material of the front and rear molds is determined by the highest point, so whether it is the front mold or the rear mold, if one place is relatively high compared to other places, In this place, the height of the mold core can be reduced by making inserts, so that the fixed material of the mold core does not need to be set so high, thus saving the mold material.

   In places where the mold is frequently modified, it can be disassembled to make inserts. In the future, only the inserts need to be replaced when the mold is changed, and even several spare parts of the inserts can be made for replacement when the mold is opened, which is convenient for modifying the mold.

   In addition, it is also conducive to the exhaust of the mold. It is very important to exhaust the mold. If the exhaust is not good, air trapping will occur in the mold cavity, especially in the deep bone position. It is more likely to be trapped in the air. During injection molding, the product is prone to bubbles or shrinkage, lack of glue, and whitening. Or black spots and other undesirable phenomena, so you can add inserts where the mold needs to be vented, and use the matching gap of the inserts to exhaust.

  In addition, the mold facilitates the processing of the mold and increases the service life of the mold.

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