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Are There Any Guides On The market?

 The guide pin is a handicraft made of high-speed steel, tungsten steel, cemented carbide, and other materials with high hardness. It is mainly used to guide the position of the workpiece to ensure accurate blanking of the workpiece. In appearance, it resembles the head of a red tassel gun.

 There are four categories of what the public sees according to the scope of application, and there are two more categories. The first category is generally suitable for holes <φ5mm. The guide pin is pressed by a spring, which can avoid damage to the guide pin and the mold in the case of abnormal feeding. The second type is generally suitable for φ5~φ8mm holes. The relative position of the guide pin and the cutting edge can be adjusted by adjusting the washer. The third type is suitable for the guide pin with shoulder fixed by the long nut for the guide hole of φ8~φ18mm. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the guide pin does not need to be adjusted after the mold is sharpened. The fourth type is used to guide the holes >φ14mm The fifth type is the press-in type guide pin, which is only used for molds with simple structure and small production. The sixth category is suitable for guiding the process hole or workpiece hole on the strip when it is installed on the lower die. As for what guide and sales to choose, it depends on the manufacturer's own needs and cost estimates.

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