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How To Effectively Cool The Mold?

    Mold temperature affects the molding cycle and molding quality. In actual operation, it is set from the lowest appropriate mold temperature of the material used, and then appropriately adjusted according to the quality condition. Mold temperature refers to the temperature of the surface of the cavity when molding is being performed. In terms of mold design and molding process conditions, it is important not only to maintain an appropriate temperature but also to make it evenly distributed. Uneven mold temperature distribution will cause uneven shrinkage and internal stress, thus making the molded product prone to deformation and warpage.

    How to effectively cool the injection plastic mold? It should be appropriate according to the product structure, plastic type, and quality requirements

    Choose the cooling method, not all molds can use room temperature water. Corresponding cooling methods are required in different situations.

    Mold temperature machine: products with glass fiber (GF), poor fluidity, high dimensional accuracy requirements, thin-walled plastic parts, easy bending deformation, easy stress cracking, and high appearance requirements;

    Normal temperature water: crystalline plastics, such as PE, PP PA, POM, PBT, PSU (polysulfone), LCP, PTFE, etc., but when the mold temperature is high, the crystallinity is high, the rigidity of the part is good, and the shrinkage rate is large;

    Chilled water: It is an amorphous plastic with thick plastic parts and no glass fiber added when the appearance and size requirements are not high. In addition, ethylene glycol solutions (different proportions of water plus ethylene glycol) are usually used when the temperature is below 5 °C;

    When the temperature is 90C~150C; the electric heating rod is usually used when the temperature is above 150 °C, especially to prevent short circuits and electric shock. ) The maximum capacity of water at room temperature is affected by the ambient temperature. For example, the temperature difference between winter and summer can reach 40~60°C, which has a significant impact on the quality of the product.


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