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Mould Spring (Super load)


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SpecificationOperating lifeCOLOR
1,000,000 times (deflection)
-Percentage of free length 
500,000 times (deflection)
-Percentage of free length 
300,000 times (deflection)
-Percentage of free length 
-Max limited stroke
  DWF(Lightest Load)40.0%45.0%50.0%around 58.0%Yellow
  DWL(Light Load)32.0%36.0%40.0%around 48.0%Blue
  DWM(Medium Load)25.6%28.8%32.0%around 38.0%Red
  DWH(Heavy Load)19.2%21.6%24.0%around 28.0%Green
  DWB(Super Load)16.0%18.0%20.0%around 24.0%Brown
Specificationstroke(Low-load use)stroke(High-load use)stroke(cannot use)
DWF40.0%stroke 50.0%stroke Exceed altitude 50.0%
DWL32.0%stroke 40.0%stroke Exceed altitude 40.0%
DWM25.6%stroke  32.0%stroke Exceed altitude 32.0%
DWH 19.2%stroke 24.0%stroke Exceed altitude 24.0%
DWB16.0%stroke 20.0%stroke Exceed altitude 20.0%
DWR40.0% stroke 50.0%stroke Exceed altitude 50.0%


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