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Cooling Circuit Plugs


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Type D
JH076 6 8 10 12 16 18 20 25 30

Order: Type D



Based on the water flow directions, any of the cooling and heating systems will have the fitting function in the plastic molds.

How to use it:

1.  When installing into molds, please make sure the space is at least 0.1mm wider than cooling circuit plugs.
2.  If there is no specific setting for the cooling circuit plugs:first release, then using the air spray to reset.


According to Sloping method, the O-Ring and springs will enlarge to fit the cooling circuit plugs.

Pressure capacity:

8mm cooling circuit plugs for over 16kg/cm²
10mm cooling circuit plugs for over 17kg/cm²
12mm cooling circuit plugs for over 19kg/cm²


  No tapping, no rust.
  Can be adjusted for tightness.
  Can be placed at any water path and moved accordingly.
  Can be cooling down or heating up by water or oil.
  Under normal operating temperature:-5~+135°C.
  Special operating temperature:-10~+280°C.


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