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Enchased Date Marked Insert Components


Material Hardness
S136 HRC48°~50°


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product details

Catalog No. L M
Type  D
JH070 3.1 8.0 M1.6
4.4 10.0 M2.3
5.2 12.0 M2.5
6.2 14.0 M3
8.2 14.0 M4

  Order: Catalog NoDxL (Please indecate the year required on the insert).


•  Due to the insert is adujstable and removable from the front of the mold, there is no need to remove the tool from
the machine or disasemble the mold.
•  Special product is available.



If need replace the date component, use a tool to rotate the new component in.

Install method:

1. Use copper or other soft material to knock when install it.

2. Make sure the diameter and the depth of the hole is right. 

3. The center hole can not exceed the range of the lid, to avoid  sinking when ejecting.

4. Notice the character's direction, ensure that the workpiece is beautifully shaped.

5. Can per the bevel to process when find R face or bevel when install it.


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