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Parting Locks


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Catalog No. d H L M B
Type D
JH060 10 8.5 3 18 M5 4
12 11 3.5 20 M6 5
13 11 3.5 20 M6 5
16 14 4 25 M8 6
20 16 5 30 M10 8

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Use sloping screw to adjust mold plate and parting locks, then turn 90 degrees parting locks can be closed upto 50 ,000 times.
Easy to assemble and disassemble, and cost efficient.
Can also be installed into small, medium size, and 2- sectional injecting metal pipes, or can be installed on sliding bases.
Mold weight 100kg, using 4pcs of 12Φ. Mold weight 500kg, using 4pcs of 16ΦMold weight 1000kg, using 4pcs of 20Φ.
   Mold weight 1000kg, using at least 6pcs.
Insert parting locks into die mold about 3cm, the using H7 reamer to process mold hole within+0.1mm range.
Process mold surface to the shape of letter"R"", if processing to the chamfering of letter"C" it will shorten it's life cycle.
Do not add any oil on paring locks, doing so will reduce the friction.

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