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CW Nitrogen Gas Spring Series-Small type

CW Series

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CW SMALL Nitrogen Gas Spring series:

The highest force in the smallest space.
Reduction of die construction costs.
Optimal guiding conditions required.
CW 170~2400 self-contained Nitrogen Gas Springs, M6.
CW 4200~9500 connected Nitrogen Gas Spring, 18"Gas.
CWC connected Gas springs, 1/8" Gas.


CW Series

ModelForce(da N)Body(mm)RepairableConnectableFilling Port
CW 17017019YESNOM6
CW 32032025YESNOM6
CW 35035032YESNOM6
CW 50050038YESNOM6
CW 75075045YESNOM6
CW 1000100050YESNOM6
CW 1500150063YESNOM6
CW 2400240075YESNOM6
CW 4200420095YESYES1/8" Gas
CW 66006600120YESYES1/8" Gas
CW 95009500150YESYES1/8" Gas
CWC 75075045YESYES1/8" Gas
CWC 1000100050YESYES1/8" Gas
CWC 1500150063YESYES1/8" Gas
CWC 2400240075YESYES1/8" Gas
CWC 4200420095YESYES1/8" Gas
CWS 4200420095YESYES1/8" Gas
CWS 66006600120YESYES1/8" Gas





Pressure mediumN2
Max.charging pressure150bar
Min.charging pressure20bar
Operating temperature0°~110°
Max.Piston rod speed1.6m/s
Re:  A 10% stroke length allowance is recommended.
        Special Nitrogen Gas Spring out of catalogue are manufactured under order.



Technical Features

Safety Requirements
  1. Nitrogen Gas Spring are containers charged with nitrogen gas at maximum pressure of 150bar.
  1. Do not manipulate any part of Nitrogen Gas Spring without being sure that it is completely discharged.Or you are trained in handling the process of unload.
  1. Azol Nitrogen Gas Spring meet European Community Directive 97/23/CE related to Pressure Equipment Devices(PED). And CE Mark identification only will be laser etched according to the mentioned Directive.
  1. Never handle Nitrogen Gas Spring by personal without the appropriate training, and always following the outlined operating instructions from Azol Nitrogen Gas Spring.

Small Series
Small  Nitrogen Gas Springs series are  specially designed for applications demanding the highest force in the smallest space. The perfect
way for die construction costs reduction. Best working and guiding conditions are required.
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