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SLD-301 Series(Compatible with D.M.E)

SLD-301 Series

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Fast tie in special for mold




SLD-301-2 5/16" HOSE
SLD-301-3 3/8" HOSE
SLD-301-4 1/2" HOSE
Type Specification
SLD-301-F3 3/8" Teflon tube
SLD-301-F4 1/2" Teflon tube


SLD-301 Series spigot special for mold(common specs)

1/8PT thin thread 1/4PT thin thread
301-01PT-M 301-02PT-M
301-01PT-75M 301-02PT-75M
301-01PT-100M 301-02PT-100M
301-01PT-125M 301-02PT-125M
301-01PT-150M 301-02PT-150M
301-01PT-200M 301-02PT-200M


3/8AT wide thread 1/2AT wide thread
301-03AT-M 301-04AT-M
301-03AT-75M 301-04AT-75M
301-03AT-100M 301-04AT-100M
301-03AT-125M 301-04AT-125M
301-03AT-150M 301-04AT-150M
301-03AT-200M 301-04AT-200M
Note:75M= spigot's length is 7.5cm

SLD-301 Series spigot special for mold(special spec)

Type Specification
301-01PT-L 1/8PT thin thread
301-02PT-L 1/4PT thin thread
301-03AT-L 3/8AT wide thread
301-04AT-L 1/2AT wide thread


Type Specification
301-03PT-M 3/8PT thin thread
301-04PT-M 1/2PT thin thread
301-05AT-M 5/8AT wide thread








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