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You Need to Know Problems of Injection Plastic Mold

When working with a molder, it’s important to understand the problems that can arise during the process of Injection plastic mold. Some issues are inevitable, but the information you gain here will help you know what to look out for. With this in mind, you’ll better communicate quality issues with your molder and optimize your relationship.

Short shot – The mold doesn’t fill completely and the part is incomplete
Splay – visible gray or silver streaks on the finished product caused by excess moisture in the material
Weld line – a line or seam that forms where liquid material comes together
Burning – Burn marks on the product caused by air trapped in the mold
Flash – Plastic that escapes out of the cavity, creates a thin layer of plastic sticking off of the part that must be trimmed
Sink – A dimple or depression in the part, caused by low pressure in the mold

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