Product ejection is the last link in the injection molding process. After the product is solidified in the mold, there needs to be an effective way to eject it from the mold. The quality of the ejection will ultimately determine the quality of the product. The ejection is not negligible. And in the ejection process, the products can not be deformed, whitened, cracked, etc. to damage the products. The ejector system has the following categories: 1. Round thimble 2. Flat thimble 3. Sleeve 4. Ejector block 5. Stripping plate 6. Oblique pin 7. Air ejector.

      When designing the ejector mechanism, different ejector mechanisms must be adopted according to the shape and complexity of the product and the ejection structure of the injection molding machine. In order to prevent the product from being deformed, ruptured, perforated, etc. due to ejection, the thrust point should act on the part where the product can withstand the greatest force, that is, the part with good rigidity, such as ribs, flanges, and wall edges of shell-shaped products. . In order to prevent the ejection marks from affecting the appearance of the product, the ejection device should be located on the hidden surface or non-decorative surface of the product. For transparent products, special attention should be paid to the selection of the ejection position and ejection form. The selection of the ejector system should also follow the following principles:

  1. Make the product not deformed after de-molding, the thrust distribution is uniform, the thrust surface is as large as possible, and it is close to the core.
  2. The product will not be broken when it is pushed out, and the thrust should be set in a place where the product can withstand a large force.
  3. Try not to damage the appearance of the product.
  4. The push-out mechanism should be reliable, flexible, easy to manufacture, and easy to match.



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