As one of the springs, the compression spring is a spring that provides resistance to the external load pressure. When a load is applied to the compression spring, the spring will become shorter, then resist the load, and finally restore its original length. Mechanical elements that store energy.

   Compression springs are classified into cylindrical, conical, concave, convex, and rectangular compression springs in shape. Cylindrical compression springs are the most widely used ones, but other springs of different shapes are not available. The same field is also used.

  Taizhou Huangyan Jinhong Plastic Mould Parts Co., Ltd. specially developed an embedded spring, this spring has six advantages:

   Hard screws are fixed directly inside the alloy

  The stainless steel screw is directly fixed inside the alloy, and it is easy to fall off. Similarly, it is the same function applied in plastic and wood.

  Used with screws to increase durability

  Used with screws can prevent some wear, erosion, looseness, and other phenomena, even if it is frequently folded, can also effectively guarantee its durability.

  Easy to operate

  It can be fixed by simply applying force during installation, and the screws equipped with springs can store a certain force, thereby greatly improving product quality.

  Increase fatigue resistance

  According to the figure, the embedded force can significantly increase the fatigue resistance.

  Reduce volume and quantity

  Compared with the conventional screw bushing, it can greatly reduce the occupied space and the Total Amount.

  Replica of damaged screw

  If some defective products and broken screws are used with embedded springs, they can reduce repair work or be recycled

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