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Injection Plastic Mold Maintenance Plan

  In order to extend the service life of the company's injection plastic mold, produce more products, and create greater economic benefits, the following maintenance plan is formulated:

  1. Inspection and maintenance during mold assembly

  1. Clean the upper and lower surfaces of the injection plastic mold before installing the mold to ensure that the injection plastic mold installation surface and the press work surface are properly matched.

  2. After the mold is installed, open the mold, guide the mold and wipe the surface of the cavity to ensure the quality of the parts.

  3. Lubricate or apply grease to the sliding parts of the mold.

  4. Inspect and maintain the side guards, and clean the punching waste channels and holes.

  5. Check the mold safety side pins, safety screws, and other safety parts, and if any problems are found, repair, and replace them in time.

  2. Maintenance in production

  1. Regularly lubricate the pressing ring, fillet, edge of the trimming die and the flanging block of the drawing die.

  2. Regularly clean the waste passage of the small holes of the trimming punching die.

  3. Frequently observe and feel the mold's use status during production. If abnormalities are found, stop the machine immediately for an inspection and eliminate them in time. Proceed to production after troubleshooting.

  3. Maintenance after production

  1. The injection plastic mold must be inspected comprehensively after production.

  2. Thoroughly clean the injection plastic mold to clean up the waste and debris in the mold to ensure that there is no waste in the waste box.

  3. Provide truthful feedback on the problems found in the use of injection plastic mold, and make a record in the handover list or notify the repairer to perform the repair.

  Fourth, the primary and secondary maintenance of the mold

  1. The primary maintenance of the mold is carried out by the production operator. The main contents of maintenance are cleaning, lubrication, and inspection.

  2. The secondary maintenance work of the mold is completed by the mold repair personnel, and records are made according to the maintenance situation. The main content of secondary maintenance:

  a. Polish the rounded corners of the mold. If there are pits, the mold should be researched and matched.

  b. Repair and restore the guide parts found to be problematic.

  c. Welding and repairing the chipped edge and collapsed edge of the die during use.

  d. Replace damaged and failed springs and other elastic parts (note the specifications and models of the springs).

  e. Replace the punch sleeves that are broken, bent, gnawed, and damaged during the use of the mold.

  f. Check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. If so, replace it.

  g. Check whether the pressing plate and unloading plate are damaged, and repair the damaged part if any.

  h. Check the pneumatic system for leakage; if so, repair and replace it.

  5. Maintenance of long-term injection plastic mold

  For long-term injection plastic molds, maintenance should be arranged every two months. The method is to open the injection plastic mold to remove dust and rust, and to apply oil to all parts of the injection plastic mold.

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