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How To Reduce The Processing Cost Of A Straight Ejector Pin?

  Nowadays, prices are soaring and labor is soaring. How to reduce the cost of punching punches and straight ejector pins is a topic of concern to the mold accessories industry.

  Most people would think that the purchase of advanced automated processing equipment, but automated processing equipment is expensive, many small companies simply do not have the strength and funds, and automation equipment is not omnipotent, many processing technologies, no matter how advanced automation equipment is. Completed, at least the current automated processing equipment can not complete many of the processing techniques of insert molding, it still needs to be processed manually by technical personnel. Now people born in the 90s hardly learn this dirty and tiring job. Therefore, the lack of skilled workers and rising prices are the main reasons for rising wages.

  There are always ways to reduce costs, but we must start with the raw material manufacturer. Can a raw material manufacturer develop a new product? For example, punch pins and straight ejector pins are all standard parts. Can the raw material manufacturer directly produce semi-finished products including heat treatment? This reduces the link between lathe processing and heat treatment. In this way, mold parts manufacturers will reduce the number of technicians for lathe processing. While reducing the processing cost, it also shortens the processing cycle.

  With years of continuous development by industry developers, the development of mold parts has now emerged as a segmented production of the industry. Those who do punch pins cannot do straight ejector pins, and those who do straight ejector pins cannot do punch pins because of the difference between the two The raw materials are different and the heat treatment process is different. The hat head of the straight ejector pin has begun to realize the cold heading technology. The head of the hat head is punched out with a heading machine. Since the pole is a heat-treated raw material, making a straight ejector pin is just fine grinding Just click the rod diameter, which greatly saves the time and material waste of the head of the car (the straight ejector pin has no rigidity). The development of the punch needle still has no way to use the traditional lathe like the straight ejector pin. First processing, heat treatment, and then fine grinding (the overall hardness, the head also has hardness). So it appears that the price of straight ejector pins has not risen for so many years, while the price of punch pins (non-standard customized punch pins) has risen sharply. The rapid rise in human resources and prices in the future will inevitably lead to a rapid rise of various products in the mold accessories industry !

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