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How to Prevent Straight Ejector Pin From Rusting In the Plastic Mould?

The Straight ejector pin used in plastic mould is easy to rust, and if not deal with it, its life span will be consumed quickly and be nondurable. Therefore, what to do if the ejector pin rusted and how to deal with this situation are essential knowledge for every manufacturer and technician. Some points listed in below for your reference:

1. The link of infusing cold water is the main reason leading to rust of ejector pin. The action of stopping cold water after closing down the machine is incorrect, which is easy to cause rusting. In order to avoid of rusting, the right way is to stop cold water firstly, and then close down the machine.

2. Following as below steps when manufacture are also helpful to reduce rusting:

a) using nitrided ejector pin, and adding lubricating oil during die casting;

b) before close the machine, clean the moulds with cleaning agent, and spray anti-rust oil when the ejector pin is push-out.

3. If use ejector pin correctly, it is hard to be rust. And preservation measure also need to be taken if the ejector pin is not used, maintaining with anti-rust oil or engine oil.

4. If your ejector pin has been rust accidently, please refer as below actions:

a) if rust slightly, it could be derusted by copper wire or oil stone;

b) if rust severely, it need to change a new one, and then the molds would be in good condition.


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