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ABS Injection Plastic Mold Surges in 4 Key Markets

Find out What Market Segments are Driving the Demand for ABS Plastic Injection Molding & Why
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a thermoplastic, engineered resin with a multitude of benefits. It’s used in the plastic injection molding process to create components for a wide variety of industries & applications.

Some of the most popular benefits of ABS resin are:

Heat Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Impact Resistance
Strength & Durability
Design Flexibility
Processing Versatility
In plastic injection molding, ABS resin is often included in polymer blends to achieve optimal property benefits.

Markets Driving the Demand for ABS Plastic Injection Molding
ABS resinInjection plastic mold is most popular in the following markets:

In 2016, the use of ABS in electrical/electronic & appliance markets resulted in over 2/3 of the world’s total consumption of this engineered resin.

The next largest use of ABS resin is in the transportation industry.

These markets (Electrical/Electronic, Appliance & Transportation) are each expected to grow by approximately 3-4% every year for the next 3 years, which will continue to propel the market demand for ABS resin in plastic injection molding.

Manufacturers in the electrical/electronics industry are incorporating ABS resin into their part manufacturing primarily because of its insulating properties, as well as its heat, corrosion & impact resistance.

As this high-tech industry surges in demand, so too does the demand for ABS plastic injection molding.

The ability for ABS resin to retain its structural properties both at high and low temperatures has made it a popular resin-of-choice in component manufacturing for cleaning & cooking appliances, such as microwave ovens, dryers & washing machines.

Growing urbanization, paired with increased consumer spending in this market has created significant demand for ABS resin plastic injection molding.

One of the primary reasons for ABS growth in the transportation/automotive market is propelled by the industry’s growing demand for vehicles that are lighter weight.

Manufacturers have moved toward ABS resin because of its lightweight, high performance properties, which helps lower vehicle weight & increase fuel efficiency, thus driving the industry’s profitability.

ABS plastic injection molding is used for passenger, commercial & heavy-duty vehicle components. It’s commonly used in the manufacturing of vehicle body panels, instrument panels, grills, bumpers & various interior parts.

There are several reasons why ABS plastic injection molding is growing among the construction industry, but the biggest factors are growing urbanization, an increase in construction spend and a reduction in steel usage.

The construction industry is primarily using ABS plastic injection molding for their pipe and fitting needs.

They are choosing ABS for its enhanced visual appearance, lightweight properties & to accommodate color requirements from a variety of end-users.

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